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Andries de Groot classic truck enthusiast
Andries de Groot a classic truck enthusiast and driver of a Dutch FTF truck
Posted by: M. de Groot
Photo: Andries de Groot

How long are you a truck driver and who was you're first employer?

Andries de Groot: In 1963 I started as a co driver by Bakkum Pastoor with live stock transport. In 1966 after getting my driving licence I started with a Hanomag truck and after that a lot of other trucks followed, a Scania 55 a 56 and a 80 Super and after that two times a Volvo 88.

After this I started at a other employer on a DAF 2100 and after that a DAF 2800.


Photo: Andries de Groot

Wat was special about the Hanomag truck?

Andries de Groot: The coach of the Hanomag truck was build by my father and me.


Wich truck gives You the best memories?


Andries de Groot: A Volvo 88, it was for that time a very modern and good truck





Photo: Andries de Groot

Now you are driving almost daily a FTF truck for simon Loos, what is special about this truck?


Andries de Groot:The most special part is the engine, a V6 Detroit diesel. And that this was a Dutch truck brand build by Floor in Wijchen. They stopped producing trucks in 1994. The trucks were used for heavy and special transport by Mammoet and other companies.


What is  special about the engine used in the later FTF trucks?


Andries de Groot: it was replaced by a V8 Detroit diesel with 460hp, that was a lot for that time. The FTF had also a automatic gearbox, and no other brand was using this.


Latest news 8 January 2007: The FTF truck is now standing in the truck museum of Simon Loos in Opmeer , The Netherlands


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